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Uses other than gaming
My hope is to use it for some of my more intense programming assignments in college since my laptop is a fair bit weaker than the Deck.
A broke college student who is far too obsessed with this thing.
(20-07-2021, 02:57 PM)throwawayglow Wrote: With the dock I'm going to use it for live gigs once those are a thing again, can finally have something equivalent to a laptop without the screen taking my attention.

What sort of live gigs?  DJ'ing?   I'm also thinking for this & live lighting control.
Yeah I'm actually more interested in how it can be used for productivity more than gaming, having a pc in this form factor opens up the possibilities for lots of things.  Gaming requires so much power, but a lot of the apps I use (vendor proprietary windows apps) don't need that much power but often require a dedicated server......taking all of them mobile will be a game changer.
I like the idea of having the Deck as a portable editing rig. Along with gaming, I'd like to be able to quickly make an edit on the go in DaVinci Resolve or even dock it up to a monitor to work on a project away from home.
Steam Deck: 512GB - Q2 2022, Importing from US to Australia

Main PC: Alienware 15 R3, GTX 1060, Intel Core i7 7700-HQ 4c / 8t, 16GB RAM

Laptop: HP Omen 15, GTX 1650Ti, AMD Ryzen 4600H 6c / 12t, 16GB RAM
I will install folding@home to run after gaming.

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